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Training and Educational Resources

The Association offers excellent training and educational resource for its Membership. In addition to making available the latest in training technology, we also sponsor seminars and forums each year where Bottlers have the opportunity to interact and share successful strategies and best practices, while taking in new information and learning from various industry subject-matter specialists and experts. Some of the training offered by the Association includes:

  • Antitrust Training
  • Safety and OSHA
  • HIPAA Privacy
  • Human Resources and EEOC
  • Financial Services
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Custom courses to meet your particular needs

Intellum, Inc. has been our Learning Management System (LMS) provider for theexceedLMS last seven years. What started as simply solving a need for HIPAA privacy training and better antitrust training has now evolved into members using Intellum’s ExceedLMS platform to track all of the learning, including instructor-led, webinars, videos, e-learning, read/print/sign policy documents, CDLs… you name it.  We are excited about how far we have progressed since that first discussion in 2008, and we look forward to growing what we offer our members leveraging this platform into the future.  The partnership makes available to Bottlers a broad spectrum of material ranging from off-the-shelf training on a multitude of topics, to opportunities for Bottlers who participate in the Association’s insurance programs to load and use custom-developed materials.

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