Board of Governors & Officers

Board-Appointed Officers

Board of Governors of The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association at its Fall Meeting held in Atlanta on October 27, 1967, in the Board room at the Association’s former Headquarters at 166 16th Street.

2022 – 2024

Meredith Mapel, President, Durango, CO
Dave Katz, Vice President, Charlotte, NC
Martin Williams, Treasurer, Corinth, MS

Board Members

Charles W. “Charlie” Bitzer, Pittsburgh, PA
Ulysses Lee ‘Junior’ Bridgeman, Lenexa, KS
Robert Clark, Starkville, MS
Jeffrey “Jeff” DeBauge, Emporia, KS
Michael Faber, St. Cloud, MN
Mark Francoeur, Bedford, NH
Bruce Hanna, Roseburg, OR
J. Frank Harrison, III, Charlotte, NC
T. J. Herauf, Dickinson, ND
Carl Lehrkind IV, Bozeman, MT
Randolph “Randy” Mayo Jr., Winfield, KS
Francis McGorry, Philadelphia, PA
M. Trevor Messinger, Rapid City, SD
John Odom, Anchorage, AK
Rob Gehring, Salt Lake City, UT
Hager Rand, Durham, NC
Andrew Reyes, Rosemont, IL
Sally Hargis, Springfield, MO
Mike Suco, Birmingham, AL
Troy Taylor, Tampa, FL
Jean Claude Tissot, Dallas, TX
Kirk Tyler, Atlantic, IA

Board-Appointed CCBA Officers and Executive Management Team
John Gould, Executive Director and CEO, Atlanta, GA
Suzy Higginbotham, Chief Financial Officer, Atlanta, GA
Charles Norton, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Atlanta, GA
Ilene Grimes, VP, Bottler Support Services & Customer Governance

The Board of Governors meets twice annually and convenes at other times as necessary.  Board-appointed Bottler Officers serve two-year terms.


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