Since the earliest days of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Bottlers have been vital to the brand’s growth and success. And, for almost as long as there have been Bottlers, The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association (CCBA) has been serving them and helping them thrive.

The Association’s earliest mission focused on advancing the interests, influence, and efficiency of Coca-Cola Bottlers through the unity and protection of its Members. For over 110 years, The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association has endeavored to support Bottlers and help them be more effective and successful in their efforts. Today, the Association serves all 64 U.S. Independent Bottlers of Coca-Cola as well as Associate Members that include Bottler-owned production cooperatives and Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers. CCBA’s core mission is to help build the long-term sustainable value of its Members, helping grow their businesses and supporting their efforts to connect with their communities.

Initially established in 1913 to protect Members from sham product liability claims, the Association today provides an ever-increasing array of products and services to its Membership. CCBA is actively involved in beverage industry issues and franchise matters relating to its membership. Additionally, to assist its Members in reducing costs and improving efficiency, CCBA offers a wide array of programs for its members including insurance programs and risk management, employee benefits, hedging, IT solutions and training. The Association also serves as a primary mechanism for fostering the exchange of ideas and information within the Independent Coca-Cola Bottling System.

CCBA is successful when Coca-Cola Bottlers are successful, and like those we support, we believe in leaving a positive mark everywhere our Bottling System does business. We are proud of the unique and special role we play in the success of the world’s most recognized trademark and a Business System that has meant so much to so many.


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