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CCBA pioneered the field of product liability protection in the United States, writing the first-ever such policy in this country in 1914. Today, it offers several P&C programs covering a wide array of services.

One of the initial motivations for Bottlers forming CCBA was to protect against risk and to provide affordable insurance coverage to its Members.  Over the decades CCBA expanded the lines of insurance coverage and services offered to address the specific risks of  beverage distributors, whether Coca-Cola, water, beer, wine or spirits. Your company, its trucks, employees and customers cannot find coverage more customized for beverage distribution than is available through CCBA. Our objective is to minimize participant risk while offering cost effective lines of coverage by specializing in the loss control services that are needed most by beverage distributors.

CCBA’s program’s advantages begin with a partnership with reputable and strong commercial insurance partners. Members receive policies that are issued by highly rated commercial carrier partners with very competitive premiums.   A real strength of our program lies in the coordinated energy and effort that goes into the prevention of losses and, in the case of workers’ compensation coverage, our programs and emphasis on strong transitional return-to-work practices and protocol.  Participating Members and subject matter experts are regularly brought together in forums hosted and executed by the Association to network and to develop specialized training and loss control and prevention practices that are unique to the beverage industry – ideas developed by beverage specialists, for beverage specialists.

shutterstock_292433699CCBA’s comprehensive Property & Casualty insurance program offers the primary lines of insurance commonly needed by Coca-Cola Bottlers and other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage distributors. Policy offerings include:

  • Products Liability
  • General Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Auto Liability and Physical Damage

The Association works diligently to incorporate flexibility and strong subject matter expertise into the program.  Association Staff provide oversight and support into the claims management and loss control and training elements of the program, in a manner that is customized to the beverage manufacture and distribution industry.  Coverage is available ranging from first-dollar protection to policies that offer various deductible levels – all to best accommodate the unique risk management needs of each participant. 

shutterstock_140272816Primary Property & Casualty Features:

  • Program goals are to provide a cost-efficient, stable means for managing beverage distributor risks through an outstanding insurance program year after year, while developing best-in-class safety and loss control training and practices for the beverage industry.
  • Coverage through strong and committed commercial carrier partners dedicated to providing premier service levels, who have experience and understanding of the business of beverage distribution and who will partner with the Association in investing in our loss control and safety initiatives.
  • Program is supported by some of the strongest subject matter experts in the industry, providing loss control expertise and support as well as a whole host of functions which include partnering Association staff with the strength of a team of loss control experts with combined experience in the food and beverage industry exceeding 85 years.
  • A dedicated “concierge” level of service from our carrier partner on all elements of the program for prompt, professional response and “VIP” treatment.
  • Limited Product Recall and Tampering coverage included
  • Liquor Liability included when appropriate

Benefits of the Property & Casualty Program to Beverage Distributors:

  • Flexible program structures – Guaranteed Cost or large Deductible Programs available.
  • Access to the Loss Control forum, sponsored by CCBA.
  • Access to a team of well experienced loss control experts to help build programs to reduce your losses which drives lower premiums.
  • Access to a rich, custom library of resources, training materials and loss control focused on both pre and post incident loss control safety and practices, developed by and for the beverage industry experts in our program. 
  • The claims and litigation management in the program is supported by CCBA’s General Counsel, who remains in regular, close contact with our carrier and adjuster partners as well as a broad network of professionals who provide legal, investigative and other support to our program.
  • A dedicated team of claims adjusters and professionals acquainted with beverage distribution, who have adopted the Association’s customized transitional return-to-work program, and who will deploy it in partnership with a strong network of medical providers for the most efficient processing of workers’ compensation claims.

Program features and benefits are generally available to beverage (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) distributors as well as CCBA Members and Associate Members. Get more information.

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