Life Insurance, Long and Short-Term Disability Insurance

shutterstock_279556406Whether employer or employee funded, life and disability insurance programs can be an important component of an employee benefit package. CCBA recently re-launched its Life and Disability Insurance solution in partnership with Mutual of Omaha, one of the most widely respected and recognized players in this industry.

CCBA’s unique program can be customized as a standard, employer-paid benefit or as a voluntary participation, employer-sponsored program benefitting employees and their family members.

Program Benefits include:

  • Pooled purchasing strength due to CCBA Membership participation but individually rated based on your experience
  • Strong service through the CCBA and Mutual of Omaha staff
  • Customizable plans allow for flexibility and improved buying rates
  • Opportunity for enhanced plan designs and voluntary offering for employees

This program, and the scaled pricing CCBA Members enjoy, is also available to other businesses both in the beverage distribution arena as well as other industries. Get more information.

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