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The Association Benefits Solution (TABS) – The exclusive health care employee benefit program endorsed for use by Coca-Cola Bottlers

TABS-LogoTABS is a unique, cost-effective health insurance option designed for employers across a wide range of sizes and number of employees. TABS can trace its origin directly back to The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association where the program was first launched in 2010. CCBA operated the program until late 2012 at which time the program’s size and scale resulted in a decision to divest to a strong, new owner and a leader in the insurance field.

National General (formerly GMAC Insurance) assumed ownership of the program in September 2012 and today, TABS is wholly-owned and operated by this leading provider of insurance programs. The TABS solution is designed to fit the needs of employers with as few as 10 benefit-eligible employees and includes additional capabilities for large employers with employee populations in the thousands. TABS also offers solutions to employers with less than 10 employees through a separate division. CCBA can assist employers of any size in accessing these solutions.

TABS is a cutting edge, self-funded group benefit solution designed in a manner that still limits risk for the employer. The driving principle of the TABS solution is linking an employer’s medical benefit costs to the actual claims incurred by its employees. The unique stop loss feature provides protection if claims are higher than expected, therefore allowing employers to cap their cost while being able to capture the benefits of a self-funded plan. The program delivers Fortune-500-level services through choice of networks and high-quality wellness and care management programs, and is served by a Delaware-licensed stop-loss captive wholly owned by National General.

CCBA maintains a Strategic Partnership with TABS, and the program is the exclusive health-care employee benefit program endorsed for use by our Membership. This program, and the scaled pricing CCBA Members enjoy, is also available to other businesses both in the beverage distribution arena as well as other industries. Due to expected changes stemming from healthcare reform, the TABS solution is particularly well-suited for foodservice customers of the Coca-Cola system. Contact CCBA today to learn how you can benefit from this unique health insurance solution.

Program Features:

  • Medical, dental and vision plans
  • Choose from CIGNA or Aetna, two of the top-rated provider networks in the country
  • PPO and HSA eligible plans
  • Various levels of deductibles and coinsurance
  • Dental and vision can be voluntary (no employer contribution)
  • Employer groups are priced individually
  • Earn credit toward future premium in favorable claim years
  • Custom specific stop loss limits available to larger employers
  • Receive transparent, detailed reporting to allow insureds to better manage their health-care costs

Benefits that may help Participants save up to 20% on health-care costs:

  • Self-funded structure creates savings following favorable claims years while capping exposure in less favorable claims years
  • Premium taxes are virtually eliminated
  • Program is exempt from many expensive state-mandated requirements
  • Program gives Participants underwriting advantages post Health Care Reform

Summary of other Benefits and Services:

  • Comprehensive enrollment, eligibility and billing services
  • Full-service COBRA administration
  • Cafeteria Plan (IRS Code Section 125) administration
  • Electronic eligibility interfaces
  • Advocacy and intervention on claim issues
  • Wellness and care management programs
  • Quarterly claims and financial reporting
  • Review and production of Summary Plan Descriptions
  • IRS Form 5500 filing completed and submitted by AIBD
  • Access to consultant services for issues such as legislative compliance, financial projections and plan-design alternatives

Contact CCBA today to learn more about how your organization can get access to the CCBA endorsed TABS health insurance program. Get more information.

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