CCBA Board of Governors – New Officers and Members

The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association Announces New Officers & Members
to its Board of Governors

At their fall meeting, The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association Board of Governors appointed the following new officers to guide our organization: 

  • M. Trevor Messinger, CEO and President of Coca-Cola Bottling Company High Country assumes the role of CCBA President.
  • Mark Francoeur, President of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England assumes the role of CCBA Vice President.
  • Charlie Bitzer, Chairman and CEO of ABARTA Coca-Cola assumes the role of Treasurer.

    Each of our officers brings a unique perspective to their roles and our Association’s governance. Trevor and Mark have already served with distinction as Officers. Mark has provided valuable input as Treasurer over the past two years. Trevor has led and contributed in many ways on Members’ behalf as both CCBA Treasurer and Vice President during the past four years — and we are excited to work with him now as our President. Charlie, while new to his role as an Association Officer, is an experienced and highly regarded operator, who has served on CCBA’s Board of Governors since 2000. 

Collectively, these three officers bring tremendous business acumen, experience and enthusiasm that will provide sound strategic leadership to CCBA.

M. Trevor Messinger, CCBA President

Trevor is President and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling Company High Country. He grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota and represents the third generation of the Messinger family to enter the family Coca-Cola Bottling business. Trevor’s strong and steady leadership and personal work ethic have helped drive High Country to increasing levels of success, including a significant expansion of its footprint through refranchising.  Trevor led CCBC High Country as the first Bottler to re-franchise territory in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company in 2013, acquiring territory in northern Wyoming and central and eastern Montana. Since that time, Coca-Cola Bottling Company High Country has added more territory and has expanded its footprint to most of North Dakota and western Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah. Trevor’s contributions to CCBA over the last four years as a CCBA officer have already been substantial. His passion, heritage and knowledge will be invaluable as he leads our Association into the future.


Mark Francoeur, CCBA Vice-President

Mark Francoeur is President of Coca-Cola Northern New England. Mark grew up across CCNNE’s territory, attending internationally recognized Bentley University in MA. He began working with Coke Northern New England in 1993 as an Account Manager. Since then, Mark has progressed through a variety of positions of increasing levels of responsibility, including Corporate Fountain Representative, Key Account Manager, General Manager, Director of Marketing and Vice-President of Marketing. In 2013, Mark was promoted to his current role as President of Coca-Cola Northern New England. Mark has been a strong contributor in his role as Treasurer , devoting countless hours and working tirelessly, and we know he will be equally as instrumental in his new role as Vice President. Mark is currently a Board Member of Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services and the Manchester (New Hampshire) Boys & Girls Club of America. Mark is also leading his Organization in the process of expanding territory throughout New England.

Charles Bitzer, CCBA Treasurer

Charlie Bitzer is Chairman and CEO of ABARTA Coca-Cola as well as a third generation shareholder. Charlie has served in key executive roles with ABARTA, Inc., a diversified third and fourth generation family business, based in Pittsburgh, PA. Before his recent promotion to Chairman & CEO in August, Charlie was VP & COO of ABARTA, Inc., with responsibility for all of its operating companies: Press Media Group (sold 2013), Kahiki Foods, ABARTA Oil & Gas, and ABARTA Coca-Cola. Charlie is on the Board of ABARTA, Inc. and was Board Chairman of Kahiki Foods until his recent promotion. Charlie also serves on 2 private boards: American Textile Company and Peacock Alley; 2 Non-Profit Boards: Western PA History Center and Fountainhead Foundation. His experience will be an invaluable asset as our System moves forward. Charlie brings a lifetime of industry expertise, financial acumen and knowledge to his new role.

 Hank Flint

We also want to acknowledge and thank our outgoing Association President, Hank Flint, (President and Chief Operating Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated), for his dedicated service and leadership. Hank’s expertise and leadership have been instrumental during the recent refranchising and related contractual negotiations.


Additionally, three new Board Members — Will Goodwyn (CCBC UNITED), Jordan Ennis (CCBW of Tullahoma) and Troy Taylor (CCBC Florida) were elected during CCBA’s summer ballot vote.

 Will Goodwyn

Will is Vice Chairman, Chief Administrative Officer, and Corporate Secretary of Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED. He joined Coca-Cola UNITED in 2000 and was elected to UNITED’s board of directors in 2012. Will previously held the positions of Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel. Will is also a Director of Southeastern Container, Inc., where he has served since 2004. He also represents Coca-Cola UNITED on the Industry Issues Committee. Will has already made significant contributions to the work of the Association and the Bottling System as a whole, during CCBA’s work and negotiations surrounding the System of the Future and territory refranchising.

          Jordan Ennis

Jordan is CEO, Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma and the fourth generation to lead his family-owned Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma. Not only does he bring a true lifetime of Coca-Cola Bottling experience, he also brings his trademark energy and commitment to his new seat on our Board. Jordan led CCBW of Tullahoma to a record year in 2015 and to the finals for the Market Street Challenge. He has also been recognized over the years for his team’s customer execution (Walmart) along with popular and creative community programs.

           Troy Taylor

Troy, is Chairman and CEO, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida. While new to CCBA, Troy is no stranger to our industry or to the Coca-Cola System. Troy will bring his considerable strategic and financial experience as he transforms Coca-Cola bottling and service across Florida. Troy has charted the strategy and establishment of CCBF and is recognized for his local business engagement and his company’s commitment to Florida, locally and ‘at large’. Troy was also elected to the Board of the American Beverage Association, effective 1/1/17. As a recent addition to the Coca-Cola Bottling System, we look forward to the fresh perspectives that Troy will bring to our Board.

We know you welcome Will, Jordan and Troy to our Board of Governors and we all look forward to their participation and contributions!

Claude accepting a Board resolution in his honor, with John Gould and Hank Flint.
Claude accepting a Board resolution in his honor, with John Gould and Hank Flint.

Finally – we know you join us in again, thanking Claude Nielsen for his leadership and service on the CCBA Board of Governors. Claude’s retirement from the Board was effective on September 30th. He has not only been an esteemed member of our Board for 25 years, but also served as past CCBA President (2001-2002.) Claude has worked in the Coca-Cola System for 37 years and his influence and impact on Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED and our extended system cannot be overstated.

We look forward to working with Trevor, Mark and Charlie in their new roles as Officers and with Will, Jordan and Troy in their new role on CCBA’s Board of Governors!

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